Les universitaires cherchent des idées afin de pouvoir utiliser des matériaux plus légers ainsi que de revenir aux propulsions à hélice comme alternative au jets actuels qui polluent le ciel.

Imaginez ce qu’il tel type d’engin ferait au nombre d’observations d’OVNIs…

Cet aeronef écologique, juste une idée conceptuelle pour le moment, a été concue par le CleanEra Project, dirigé par Etnel Straatsma de la Delft University of Technology aux Pays-Bas.

photo : CleanEra, Delft University of Technology source : UFO-Magazine : ufomagazine.net

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A company in the Netherlands has some high flying ideas. The CleanEra project, with a goal to design a “ultra-eco-friendly plane”, one that releases half the carbon dioxide per passenger-mile than current airliners, has a vision of this model saucer as the possible plane of the future.

The group is looking into ideas of lighter materials and a return to propeller-driven planes as an eco-friendly alternative to current passenger jets that pollute the skies above. Could you imagine if these saucer-planes were put to use.

Just think of what it would do to the number of UFO sighting reports…

This eco-friendly airplane of the future, just an idea at this point, was designed by the CleanEra project, led by Etnel Straatsma of Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. Credit: CleanEra, Delft University of Technology.


Hi all,

I discovered in 1967 the system of the UFO workings. Offered it to Canada as a birthday Present (Canada was 100 years old). Invention was evaluated by the National Research Council, the Scientific Arm of the Canadian Gouvernment.

It got ridiculed up to four months after the patents were granted many years later. Then, as they had “Lost face”, they decided to keep on denying and poohooing the invention. US Patent lawyer predicted the Nobel Prize for the biggest invention he probably ever would handle. Hudson Institute evaluated the invention at $600 Billion if the USA had it before Russia.

I was asked to contact the Nasa Propulsion Lab in Cleveland, Ohio and sent them a copy of the Patent. The learned gentlemen there were aghast. Who would need them if we could fly to the Moon in an hour or Mars inside a day, without heat tiles or barfbags amd no osteoporosis?

They were paid big bucks and were not going to kill the Goose that laid Golden Eggs.

“Not interested, thank you for the copy of your patent!”

While in the hospital with an heart-attack due to a severe reaction with Cashews, my wife found the stack of letters of ricicule, insults and denials.

She was very upset about these letters and the $10,000 I had borrowed to pay for the patent applications. She blamed the heart-attack on these letters and did not want me to work on it anymore.

Love won. She passed away a while ago and now I am working on it again.

First the free energy system. A UFO takes power right out of the aether.

I went on the web and read about Tesla and his electric Pierce Arrow Car. I realized that he had found the same thing but did not dare to patent it, as he also understood that the system could be used to give evewry dwelling on earth the possibility of electric power.

He had designed the Niagara Falls Power Plant for Westinghouse and the investors, Rockefeller and Morgan, would have killed him.

P.S. A Flying Saucer needs an antenna to suck the power out of the aether. One of the first experiments had me getting a lightning strike out of the blue sky. That is when I figured that with a bit less effort on my side I should be able to get power out of the air to power a home, car, aircraft, boat and real spacecraft.

If you are still interested, just Google : One Terminal Capacitor Joseph Hiddink

— July 25, 2007 @ 4:55 pm

source: ufofu.org
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